SouperMarket’s production facility is located at 7501 Carnegie Ave, in Mid-Town Cleveland.  Have you ever wondered how we make and process our soups?  We use a special machine called a hot fill bag sealer.  We make our soups in small 10 gallon batches, using fresh locally purchased meats and vegetables.  Once a batch is finished it is moved to one of our bag sealers where one of our staff members “hot fills” one gallon bags, two at a time at a temperature of 185° or hotter to insure proper sterilization.   The bag is then double sealed with the machine and dropped into a huge ice water trough.  Once properly cooled to 38°, the soups are stored, then shipped out to all of our retail locations where they are properly reheated for your enjoyment!  Pretty cool, Eh?  Maybe not, but we figured you might find it interesting, to say the least.  Enjoy!